Rental instruments for children

Violins, violas and cellos straight from the master workshop in Aachen

The perfect introduction

Are you looking for a high-quality, great-sounding instrument that is a joy to learn to play?

We carefully select our rental instruments and make them ready to play in our master workshop. This way we can guarantee good playability and a pleasant sound.

Especially for children, a rental instrument is a perfect choice: You get everything your child needs to get started from one source and can change the instrument size at any time when your child has outgrown the old size.

You always have a fixed contact person in us. We will be happy to advise you on the right instrument and also help you find a teacher.
And if you would like to buy an instrument, for example when your child reached the full-size instrument, you can benefit from our particularly generous rent-purchase options.

Take a look for yourself:

Modell Giocoso

Great instruments for the beginning
  • Made ready to play in our master workshop
  • Avaiable in all sizes
  • Strung with brand strings
  • All necessary accessories included
  • No deposit
  • Annual check-up included
  • We credit 100% of the first years rental fees, exculdiung taxes, when yu buy an instrument in our workshop
  • Carefree package available


Mietgeige im Set mit Geigenkasten, Bogen, Schulterstütze, Kolophonium

Modell Cantilena

Better sound and 100% European handwork
  • 100% made in Europe
  • Made ready to play in our master workshop
  • Available sizes 1/4-4/4
  • Strung with brand strings
  • All necessary accessories included
  • no deposit
  • Annual check-up included
  • On request personal sound adjustment in our workshop
  • We credit 100% of the first year’s rental fees and 20% of each subsequently paid rent, excluding tax, when you buy an instrument in our workshop
  • Carefree package available

5 reasons for an instrument from our workshop

From a master workshop

No instrument leaves our workshop without having passed through our hands: we choose each one carefully.
If necessary, we rework the fingerboard, top nut, pegs, end button, tailpiece, and chinrest and cut a new soundpost and bridge. Only when we are satisfied with playability and sound: do we pass it on to you.

Without worries

Our worry-free package covers the cost of almost any damage. We will also provide you with a replacement instrument for the duration of the repair if necessary.

Tip: Ask your private liability insurance if it also covers rented instruments! Then you can save yourself the carefree package.


Your child will enjoy the luxury of learning on a bowed instrument set up by a master craftsman without you having to spend a lot of money. 

And if the new hobby is no fun, after all, cancel the contract, and nothing lies around unused.

Experienced contact persons

We will be happy to advise you on the size and selection of an instrument right for your child.
If questions arise during the rental period or you need help, we will be happy to assist you.
Please don't be inhibited if the subject of bowed instruments is new to you. We welcome all who find their way to us and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Generous rental credit

Many parents want to buy their children an instrument when they can play a full-size violin, viola, or cello.
We credit at least 100% of one year's rental fees, excluding tax, if you buy an instrument in our workshop!
You can buy the rented instrument, but we think the better option is to try out a few instruments before making a decision. After all, it may become the instrument that will accompany your child forever.
Please let us know what you like: Is it an antique instrument or a new one? Should it have a dark or a brilliant sound? What is your budget?

We will prepare a selection for the agreed date and help you choose the best fit. We also recommend involving the teacher.


  • What size does my child need?

    For violins and violas, the arm length serves as a guide: Measure from where the neck meets the shoulder to the middle of the palm on the elongated left arm.

    For the cello, you need to know how tall your child is.

    If your child is between two instrument sizes, we recommend taking the smaller size first.

    Arm length of the child in cmViolinsizeViolasizeAge*
    43-44,51/81/16 (Bodylength 25cm)5-7
    44,5-501/41/8 (Bodylength 28cm)6-8
    50-561/21/4 (Bodylength 32cm)7-10
    56-603/41/2 (Bodylength 33cm)9-12
    ab 604/43/4 (Bodylength 35cm)  ab 11
    Height of the child in cmCellosizeAge*
    ab 1604/4ab 10/11

    (*Often this is true, but arm length or body size is much better measured here!)

    It is important to choose the right size. The teachers should always have the last say because they see your child regularly with the instrument!

  • How does the size exchange work? Do I need a new contract?

    If the player is ready for the next size, contact us. And we will prepare an instrument to the specifications set up in the contract and will get in touch with you to schedule the swap.
    A new contract is not necessary. We adjust the old one.

  • What is included in the price?

    The set includes the instrument, a suitable bow, a case, a rosin, and for violins and violas, a shoulder rest.

  • I teach a bowed instrument. Would you set up renting instruments according to my preferences?

    We are happy to accommodate your needs.

    Let us know what your preferences are. Sideways or centered chinrest? Which shoulder rest do you like best?

    Which accessories would you like for your students?

    If you send a child to us, and we know it comes from you, we will prepare it accordingly, and everyone saves time and effort.

  • Are other purchases necessary if my child wants to learn a bowed instrument?

    We will provide you with everything your child needs to get started.

    In addition, a music stand for home use is advisable.
    You will find out in class which music books your child needs.

  • Is there a minimum rental period?

    Yes, it is three months.

  • How does the return work?

    After a minimum rental period of three months, the contract can be terminated at any time at the end of the month.

    Upon return, we check the condition of the instrument. Provided the instrument has been handled with care and serviced regularly, there are no additional charges.

    Regular maintenance includes replacing damaged or worn strings and bow hair. A rough rule of thumb here is: Strings and bow hairs must be replaced once a year.

  • What if I don't like the instrument? Can I return it? 

    If you do not like the rented instrument, you can return or exchange it. You have 14 days to do so. Please let us know what the problem is so that we can continue to improve!

  • What should I do if the instrument is damaged? 

    Please inform us immediately.

    Please do not try to repair the instrument yourself and do not give it to a third party for this purpose. We will see to it that the instrument is repaired and will gladly give you a replacement instrument if needed.

  • What is the best way to store the instrument? 

    Please avoid storing the instrument near the heater or in the sun. If you have underfloor heating, please do not place the case or cello on the floor above the heater. The best place to store the instrument in winter is in a room with low heating.

  • Are strings and bow hairs insured included in the Carefree package?

    No, they are wearing parts and should get replaced regularly to maintain sound and playing quality.

    Very important: Please make sure that your child relaxes the bow hairs after playing, so they do not wear out. Thank you!

  • What is NOT covered by the Carefree Package?

    Damage caused by gross negligence or intentionally.

    For example:

    • The instrument is stored right next to the heater or in a car parked in the sun and a damage occurs due to dry cracking.
    • The bow is used for fencing and suffers damage.

    Loss of the instrument.

    Strings and bow hairs: They are wearing parts!

  • Are strings and bow hair also covered by the carefree package?

    No. They are wearing parts and must be replaced at regular intervals to maintain the sound and playing quality.

    Very important: Please make sure that your child always loosens the bow hairs after playing. In this way, they do not wear out and last much longer and the bow stick does not warp and become unusable.

  • How do we care for the bow properly? 

    Always relax the bow hairs between practice, or they will wear out, and in the worst case, the bow will break.

    So before playing, tighten the hair by turning the screw until the gap at the narrowest point is approximately as wide as the bow stick is thick at that point. And after playing, loosen the screw again so the hair touches the bow.

    Also, do not touch the hair. Rosin should be used in moderation. It’s best to do this at the beginning of class until your child gets a feel for how much is good.

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