Restoration & Repair

Preserve old instruments, repair accidental damage

We restore the beauty, uniqueness, and value of antique bowed instruments, with great care and attention to detail.

A long-standing focus of our work is restoration. It is a very exciting task that allows us to delve into the history of the instruments, that challenges us because of its complexity, and stimulates an interdisciplinary exchange.

We speak of a “restoration” when we repair large parts of an instrument, as opposed to a “repair” where usually a single damage caused by an accident, for example, is repaired, and as opposed to a “maintenance” where we deal with the upkeep of played instruments and their bows.

We restore purchased instruments, which we then offer for sale, but we also restore, repair and maintain on order.

Contact us, your instrument is in the best hands with us!

Condition assessment

Before every extensive restoration, we will precisely assess the actual condition of the instrument. Through this, we can determine which interventions are appropriate in each case.

If you wish, we can document this process for you.

Bring your instrument to the scheduled appointment. We will look at what needs to be done or what can be done to bring it to the best possible condition.


Respect for the original and its history

Skillfully mastered and consciously chosen restoration techniques are necessary to retain the beauty and tonal qualities of valuable bowed instruments so they can enrich future generations.

Respect for the age and history of the instruments is essential to us. Thus, we do not think it necessary to cleverly hide the story its telling behind thick layers of varnish. We want to preserve the uniqueness of your instrument.

A well-kept but authentic appearance is our goal.


Accidental damage

Hopefully, you and your instrument will be spared! But if it should happen, you are in good hands with us.

The very first step is: You call us and then come by at short notice. Together we will document the damage and discuss what we can do to fix it.

If you wish, we can also help you with the settlement with your insurance company. A possible loss of value should always be taken into consideration.


Bowed instruments can get several hundred years old. Many families pass them down from generation to generation. Music and music-making are beautiful ways for parents and their children, grandparents and their grandchildren to bond. And an inherited instrument is a wonderful way to remember a loved one.

We can help you preserve this treasure.

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We can also advise you via video call if you can’t make it to our workshop.

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Ye Gyeong Lim Ye Gyeong Lim

All my students are very satisfied with the rental instruments! The quality, the team and the location are great. Best rental instruments in Aachen!

Hannes Voigt Hannes Voigt

As a passionate and demanding violist, I feel very comfortable in their workshop and have found a thing or two there. I also like to recommend them to my musical friends, knowing that they will be served there with calm and verve.  

Matthias Purrer Matthias Purrer

Dear Mrs. Huppertz, briefly on this way: Thanks again for the fine work, you’ve done a great job. I enjoy it every day! Best regards, Matthias Purrer

Is your instrument hard to play? Are you dissatisfied with the sound?

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Tips and Stories

The development of the bow

The development of the bow

The bow is often underestimated, but only it brings the sound of bowed instruments to life. A good bow makes a huge difference both in terms of sound and playing technique!

A small excerpt from the history of the bow:

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