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Master workshop for violin making in Aachen 

Bowed instruments from master hand for Aachen and the Euregio

Violin making is the profession that fulfills us: It is versatile, challenging, creative and it connects us with people from all generations and cultures.

In our workshop in the center of Aachen we build, restore, repair, sell and rent instruments and their bows.

We serve our international clientele in German, English or Flemish.


Violins, violas & cellos from our hand

Our master instruments: In pure craftmanship and countless work steps that differ only slightly from what was done more than 300 years ago in the violin workshops of the 17th and 18th centuries, we build instruments with great personality and power with such attention to detail.

Our workshop instruments: Whether for young musicians, ambitious amateurs with a limited budget, or as a second instrument for professional musicians – for travel or open-air concerts- our workshop instruments impress with their price-performance ratio.


Buy an instrument

In addition to the violins, violas, and cellos made by us we also deal in old and new instruments from other workshops. In our online shop, we present a selection of our violins, violas, cellos. You will also find bows and selected accessories.


Rent an instrument

Our rental instruments offer children and adults the best possible introduction to the world of bowed instruments. Each of our instruments is made ready to play in our workshop to guarantee good playability and a beautiful sound.

I am looking for an instrument for a child
I am looking for an instrument for an adult

Restoration & Repair

Skillfully mastered and consciously chosen restoration techniques put us in a position to restore the beauty and tonal properties of even seemingly hopeless cases.

We repair accidental damage and help you with your instrument insurance. Or we restore your heirloom so that it can be played again. Whatever the reason for the restoration, your bowed instrument is in good hands with us!


Maintenance of bowed instruments

Does the violin sound dull and is it somehow less fun to play? Is a peg slipping? Does the varnish look matt, or are there scratches?

Have your instrument and bow checked regularly!

Often it’s only small corrections and the joy of playing returns. The sound is full again, tuning is easy and the violin looks beautiful again.



Ye Gyeong Lim Ye Gyeong Lim

All my students are very satisfied with the rental instruments! The quality, the team and the location are great. Best rental instruments in Aachen!

Hannes Voigt Hannes Voigt

As a passionate and demanding violist, I feel very comfortable in their workshop and have found a thing or two there. I also like to recommend them to my musical friends, knowing that they will be served there with calm and verve.  

Matthias Purrer Matthias Purrer

Dear Mrs. Huppertz, briefly on this way: Thanks again for the fine work, you’ve done a great job. I enjoy it every day! Best regards, Matthias Purrer

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