Violins, Violas and Cellos made in Aachen

Handmade with 300 years old tradition


Instruments from master hands

We create our instruments in cooperation with the musicians. It starts with a clear idea: How should the instrument sound? Who will play it where? How should it look?

In pure craftmanship and countless work steps that differ only slightly from what was done more than 300 years ago in the violin workshops of the 17th and 18th centuries, we build instruments with great personality and power with such attention to detail.


„Tailor-Made” for You

To create an instrument that harmonizes with you both in sound and playability, we need to know who you are. What kind of music do you make? In what context do you play? What do you like? And what not?

We are also happy to respond to unusual requests and add small, timeless characteristics to your instrument, which subtly underline its uniqueness.

No compromises with the materials

We only use well-seasoned and naturally dried tonewoods. And they not only have to convince us with their beauty but also with their acoustic properties.

We cook our varnish ourselves from resins and linseed oil. We also produce the pigments ourselves. Our favorites are madder and cochineal.
The varnish is not only important for the appearance of the instrument but also the sound: A good varnish must not dampen. In the best case, it even reduces the damping compared to untreated wood and thus has a positive effect on the dynamics of the instrument.

Lifelong service

That is why the regular check-up of our master instruments is fundamental and always a part of our service.


Declaration of materials used

Unfortunately, the CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species now affects many of the materials used in violin and bow making. (Unfortunately – not because it is associated with effort – but unfortunately because it has come to the fact that species must be protected so that they do not disappear completely).

To ensure that you can travel with peace of mind and that there are no misunderstandings with customs about the type and origin of the materials used, there is always an internationally valid “Declaration of Materials” with the instruments that were built in our workshop.

Our “Workshop Instruments”

Whether for young musicians, ambitious amateurs with a limited budget, or as a second instrument for professional musicians – for travel or open-air concerts- our workshop instruments impress with their price-performance ratio.


Personal signature

Selected European workshops produce unvarnished instrument blanks according to our specifications. We check them thoroughly and tonally improve them, varnished them, and finally make them ready to play.

This allows us to offer you European quality instruments with our very personal signature and exceptionally good sound at affordable prices. We are also happy to respond to your wishes and ideas within the scope of possibilities.

Check and optimize the sound

As soon as the instrument blanks reach us, we check them: are the proportions correct? Are all the glued joints clean and stable? Does the wood quality meet our requirements?

The tonal revision follows. The same methods are used as with our master instruments.

Varnishing and Setting Up

Our workshop instruments are varnished with several very thin layers of our home-made oil varnish. A good varnish is essential, not only for the appearance, but also for the sound. Therefore, this process may take some time.

Finally, with great care, we will get your instrument ready to play.

Wishes regarding the varnish and the material for pegs, tailpiece, fingerboard, etc. are gladly taken into consideration.

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