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The source of inspiration

The numerous wonderful instruments that we have had the privilege of working on in recent years, but also the fantastic musicians who find their way into our workshop, inspire us in the long term. And so the desire to create more and more instruments has grown steadily in recent years.

We aim to capture the zeitgeist, the aesthetics, and the sound of the wonderful antique instruments of the 17th and 18th centuries and to merge them with your needs and ideas. For this to succeed, we would like to get to know you and involve you in the building process.
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It was fascinating to be able to be part of the making of my violin. It has given me much pleasure.

E. F.

„tailor-made” for you

To create an instrument that harmonizes with you both in sound and playability, we need to know who you are. What kind of music do you make? In what context do you play? What do you like? And what not?

We are also happy to respond to unusual requests and add small, timeless characteristics to your instrument, which subtly underline its uniqueness. For example a quote, poem, or small picture inside, a carved head instead of the scroll, or gemstones on the pegs. You choose.

 No compromises with the material

We only use well-seasoned and naturally dried tonewoods. And they not only have to convince us with their beauty but also with their acoustic properties.

We cook our varnish ourselves from resins and linseed oil. We also produce the pigments ourselves. Our favorites are madder and cochineal.
The varnish is not only important for the appearance of the instrument but also the sound: A good varnish must not dampen. In the best case, it even reduces the damping compared to untreated wood and thus has a positive effect on the dynamics of the instrument.

It makes a difference

It makes a difference where the material we use comes from. And even if it’s only small amounts of tropical wood that we use in violin making, it’s important to us to know where it comes from and that it’s forested sustainably and traded fairly.

our service

It takes nearly 200 hours to build a violin. And even more for a viola or cello. During this time we develop a relationship with our instruments. And while we gladly pass them on to the musicians to be played, we’re also happy to see them from time to time and hear what you have to say about them.

That is why the regular check-up of our master instruments is fundamental and always a part of our service.


Unfortunately, the CITES species protection regulations now affect many of the materials used in violin and bow making.

The instruments made in or for our workshop always come with an internationally valid „Declaration of materials“, to allow you to travel with peace of mind without problems with customs.


It is above all the Italian and Flemish masters of the 17th and 18th centuries who influence our new building. For us, however, this also means building on a tradition that has not shied away from its own ideas and its own artistic signature

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